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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top 10 reasons to avoid porn sites.

Honestly, the top ten reasons to avoid porn sites isn't really 10 reasons.....or even 10 pictures. there is really only one reason to avoid porn sites. Cause they're not classy, like a book. In particular, my books. Check them out right here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The new website (under constuction)

First time with Anime Studio Pro

Hey out there, I'm back from outer space!. I keep planning to get back to this. But, you know.....WEED. Lol, any how,  i was fumbling around in these internets and I found a little program called Anime Studio Pro. Animation has never really been something I was interested in. I love all art, but looking at it from the outside, it looked...well, tedious. And boring. 28 frames per second sounds like a way to punish a person.
  Anyway I decided to fumble around with Anime Studio, especially after
I saw a YouTube tutorial about how ready it is to use Photoshop to import existing artwork.
  What happened next gives me an idea about heroin or crack addiction. I misplaced hours then days giving motion to my portfolio. I'm not about to create the next Simpsons, but I have made myself smile by giving  life to some stuff that I had never imagined in motion.  Or with voices. I mean, once they start moving I needed to hear them. This is also when I realized most of the things I draw don't sound like me. Atleast not in my head.
  Don't know who I'd recommend Anime Studio Pro to. Most of the people I know who are into animation already love it or hate it. So I'll try this. It is possible to create
 wonderful art with ASP. But it ain't easy. But with some effort It is definitely worth it. I'll post some YouTube videos when I get up. Its been a long night.